Keyboards and Synthesisers

Keyboards and Synthesisers

Five Star Music's range of keyboards and synthesisers from a wide array of brands. Check out our selection of keyboards and synthesisers in the categories below! Featuring keyboards and synthesisers from Korg, Yamaha, Novation, Arturia and many more!

YAMAHA Keyboards

YAMAHA Keyboards

Have a look at our range of digital pianos, portable keyboards and synthesisers from the Yamaha brand. 

Korg Keyboards

Korg Keyboards are a leading brand in electronic keyboards and synthesizers. Five Star Music has many different Korg Keyboards for sale on our online store.

Ashton Keyboards

Ashton Keyboards are a global leader in piano keyboards and have chosen Five Star Music to distribute their electronic keyboards. We have a large range of keyboards all for sale at fair prices.

Arturia Keyboards

Five Star Music stocks Arturia Keyboards and Synthesizers for sale in Australia. Be sure to check out our Arturia Keyboard range online or visit us in-store.

Akai Keyboards

Akai are known for their cutting-edge technology behind their Keyboards and Synthesizers. We have many Akai Keyboards and Synthesizers for sale all at reasonable prices.